Friday, September 19, 2014

Light Up Your Bathroom with Installing Bathroom Fixtures

In remodeling the bathroom, lighting fixtures would often spell the difference between a cramped and a roomy one. There are specific light intensities and light fixtures that will be most appropriate for the different areas inside the bathroom. These variations will come in especially helpful if you’re thinking of renovating a large space.

Below are some useful advice on choosing the best lighting for your bathroom.
  1. Ideally, a bathroom should have natural light. A window, skylight, or a roof window can provide adequate natural light that you need without using unnecessary energy and money for purchasing fixtures that mimic natural light. This type of light is best when applying make-up. The space that has the most benefit from natural light should contain or be near to a dressing table or a vanity table.
  2. A window that can be opened easily will also provide enough air and wind flow into the bathroom, saving costs in electricity and purchase of small exhaust fans.
  3. Showers and tubs should have bright lights in their area. This will help you see if there are water spills on the floor that could cause you to slip and fall.
  4. If you want natural light to reach into far corners of the room, you may want to invest in partitions or dividers that are made of translucent glass.
  5. For personal hygiene such as shaving, light fixtures that emit bright lights are vastly preferable. You may want to consider putting these near the sink or the dresser.
  6. Because bathrooms might always contain a certain degree of humidity, light fixtures should be resistant to moisture so that the wiring won’t be damaged. Use moisture-proof fixtures for showers and baths as well.
  7. If you want your bathroom to appear larger, lights that are aimed at the ceiling could do the trick.
  8. Invest in compact fluorescent bulbs for your bathroom lighting fixtures. These usually last longer and can save more energy.
  9. Depending on your state or locality, consider energy-efficient light fixtures. These save energy and it might even make you eligible for a utility rebate or tax credit.
  10. Avoid putting the light directly above your vanity area. It will cause shadows and it might mess up your make-up application.
  11. Lighting mounted on the ceiling is probably necessary for those who have large bathrooms. For very small ones, you may consider other sources of light.
  12. Switches for dimming the lights create a great mood for subtlety of relaxation.
  13. If you want to illuminate your face completely, your fixtures should provide sufficient light for both sides of your face. At least 120 watts in total is needed for complete illumination.
  14. A fluorescent, halogen, or xenon bulb can best approximate sunlight; plus, they may be more expensive, but they last longer and are more efficient with energy.
  15. You can also look for ideas and pictures of bathroom lighting fixtures online so you can incorporate what you like into the design that you had in mind.